ZeNLP: the power to succeed by Murli Menon

Murli Menon

is the President of phenoMenon consultants inc. Ahmedabad, which conducts mind power development workshops for senior managers based on Indian. Buddhist. Zen and Tibetan scriptures. These are often weeklong workshops on mind power development which are attended by senior management, company directors and CEOs. Conceptualised and conducted by Murli. these workshops are result oriented with a focus on goal setting and achievement using creative visualisation, dynamic meditation and ancient Vedic. Egyptian. Mayan and Aztec mind power development ceremonies. phenoMenons clients include corporations like Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizer Company (GNFC). NCPL. AEC. Indian Telephone Industries (ITI). Paradeep Port Trust (PPT). Strides Arcolab, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL). Recon Healthcare. Trident Group and Zydus Cadila among numerous others.

Murli holds a bachelors degree in biochemistry and an MBA with a specialisation in marketing from Institute for Management Development and Research (IMDR). Pune. He is currently engaged in advanced research on the effects of Zen Meditation on the unconscious mind and conducts ZeNLP workshops for students. teachers, housewives and corporates. Apart from his consultancy work. Murli has been a visiting faculty to many well known management institutes where he teaches product management, market research, sales management and direct marketing. Before founding phenoMenon consultants inc., Murli worked as a Product Manager with leading multinationals including Astra-IDL Ltd.


This book has the potential to change your life. What you are about to read has changed my life. January’ 1, 1995 was the day my life changed. While returning home after a New Year party. I was hit by a truck. The head-on collision resulted in brain haemorrhage, paralysing the left side of my body. No doctor was brave enough to predict my returning to normalcy. I was destined to live life in bed. if not in a wheelchair. There was severe organic damage to the front temporal lobe of my brain.

The subsequent surgical interventions meant total dependency on powerful anti-epileptic drugs for the rest of my life. But the doctors did not know about ZeNLP. I had undergone advanced training in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and was practising Zen meditation regularly before my accident. I knew that mind power could cure any disease including epilepsy, paralysis and cancer.

All that was needed was to have a goal and effectively programme my mind though NLP techniques to reach my goal. Being an invalid and restricted to bed due to my injuries and haring the luxury of ample time to visualise, chant and meditate. I orchestrated my own recover)’ without the use of allopathic, homeopathic, herbal or ayurvedic medicines. In the last nine years.

I have not had a single epileptic attack due to my immense faith in the power of the human mind. ZeNLP says one can programme the mind through meditation and visualisation, one can programme the body through diet, fasting and exercise, and one can programme the soul through prayers and chanting.


1. introduction to cosmic consciousness
2. ZeNLP—software for the brain!
3. metaphors in ZeNLP!
4. how ZeNLP works?
5. creative visualisation in ZeNLP
6. the vedic connection of ZeNLP
7. the power of ZeNLP mantras
8. the super power of Gayatri Mantra
9. programming the human mind
10. learning is fun in ZeNLP
11. improving memory using ZeNLP
12. creativity in ZeNLP
13. the power of dreams in ZeNLP
14. evolution of communication
15. tree plantation meditation in ZeNLP
16. which is your healing tree?
17. high energy diet in ZeNLP
18. meditation in ZeNLP
19. synchronicity in ZeNLP
20. management lessons from penguins
21. management lessons from ants
22. management lessons from dolphins
23. management lessons from gulls
24. management lessons from owls
25. management lessons from trees

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