10 Great Love and Relationship Books of All Time

Looking for some literature of love? We’ve got the list for you! These books about love are must-reads all couples. The world of relationship books is huge, it is so much diversity, that it can be hard to choose a book that’s helpful for you, in your stage of relationships or commitment.

When it comes to the complicated topic of love, we can’t always trust our feelings to let us know we’re doing the right thing. Relationships can be different. One day everything can be great, but after a day it may seem that everything goes wrong.

From dating to strong relationships, there are always moments in a person’s life where he needs a little help or advice that will point the right direction.

The relationship books listed below are bestsellers.  In them you will find tips on how to overcome the difficulties of love , restore trust in a relationship and even find your soul mate.


10 Best Love and Relationships Books of All Time

MEN Are from MARS, WOMEN Are from VENUS
 by John Gray

MEN Are from MARS, WOMEN Are from VENUS by John GrayThis book has been so helpful to so many people because it simply helps us to correctly interpret the situation. After reading a few pages you will begin to laugh at your own mistakes. With this lighthearted reaction it becomes easier to relax and not take yourself or your partner’s mistakes so seriously. When we can lighten up it becomes easy to remember all the good times and the qualities and characteristics of someone rather than focusing on the negative. It is also a comfort to know that your issues are similar to others.

131 Сreative Conversations For Couples
by Jed Jurchenko 

131 Сreative Conversations For CouplesThe questions in this book are designed to foster intimacy. In the pages ahead, you will find 131 open-ended questions. This means that more than a simple “yes” or “no” answer will be required.

Many questions are followed up with the question “why?” in order to mine deeper into your partner’s heart.


Relationship Breakthrough:
How to Create Outstanding Relationships in Every Area of Your Life by Cloe Madanes

HOW TO CREATE OUTSTANDING RELATIONSHIPS IN EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFEIn this book you will learn how to understand your relationship with your partner, your children, your colleagues, your friends. We all want the perfect relationship; alas, there is no such thing. Relationships are messy. It’s how we deal with the messiness that makes the difference between a relationship filled with passion, growth, depth, and joy, and one that is mired in negative patterns of anger, blame, and boredom.  Good relationships take work, but we all have the capacity to create joyful, lasting, deeply satisfying connections in our lives.


The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho pdfIn youth, people are not afraid to dream, everything seems possible to them. But time passes, and the mysterious force is taken to inspire them that their desires are not feasible. “To achieve the realization of one’s Destiny is the only real duty of man…”—says Paulo Coelho.

This, which became a cult, parable novel is able to change the lives of its readers.

10 Steps to Reframe the Way You Love by Nancy Levin

“This book differs significantly from the majority of relationship books out there. First and foremost, this isn’t a “dating” book. I won’t show you how to attract a partner or how to impress. I won’t offer you tips and tricks for navigating the online dating world. I won’t help you write a great personal ad or determine which ads you should respond to. I won’t provide a how-to guide for finding your dream partner or manifesting your soul mate. More important, this book isn’t about learning to shut down your emotional triggers so that you can have a seemingly more harmonious relationship. While you may find yourself in a deeply satisfying relationship on the other side of reading this book, it’s not going to be because you’ve learned how to make yourself into someone you’re not. Essentially, this book is for you if you want something more in relationship. ”


A Seven-Step Strategy for Reconnecting with Your Partner
by Phillip C. McGraw 

Relationship Rescue“If your relationship is in trouble, big trouble or small, I’m going to tell you straight-up how to fix it. I’m not going to tiy to be cute or glib, and I’m not going to hit you with a lot of clever buzzwords. I’m not going to use a bunch of psychobabble or the en vogue theory du jour. I’m going to give you the straightforward, no-nonsense answers that work—answers that have always worked, but have just been buried in a deluge of pop-psych nonsense.”


The Five Love Languages:
The Secret to Love That Lasts by Gary D. Chapman

Gary ChapmanVery rarely husband and wife speak the same language of love. Everyone enjoys their own company, and wondered why it did not seem to hear. And they do not understand each other, because they speak different languages. When we understand what language we speak and what our companion speaks, we will be able to use any advice from books and magazines. I think the ability to speak your spouse’s native language is the key to a long and happy family life. Not always love disappears after the wedding, but to keep it, almost all of us will have to work and learn another language of love. You can’t rely on your own when our companion doesn’t understand it. If we want him to feel our love, we have to tell about it in his love language.


The Unbearable Lightness of Being
by Kundera Milan pdf

The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Kundera Milan pdfAs long as people are still young and the musical composition of their lives sounds like just the first bars, they can write it together and exchange motifs, but when they meet in a more Mature age, their musical composition is basically complete, and every word, every object in the composition of one and the other means Фsomething different.



The Dating Playbook For Men : 
A Proven 7-Step System to Go from Single to the Woman of Your Dreams  by Andrew Ferebee

“This is your life and you only got one shot at it. So why not take a proactive approach to becoming the most powerful version of yourself and getting into a relationship with the woman of your dreams?

Right now, I’m asking you to make a commitment to yourself that you will never settle for less than the life you deserve and that you will do whatever it takes to get the life you want.
I’m not offering you a shortcut; I’m presenting you the path that has worked for hundreds of other men I have worked with before you, as well as working for myself. It’s a journey worth fighting for and one in which you can succeed. Will you join me?”…


The Science of Happily Ever After :
What Really Matters in the Quest for Enduring Love by Ty Tashiro

love” This is not a prescriptive self-help book promising a soul mate in three easy steps. Love is too complex and too personal for a stranger to tell a unique individual like you precisely what to do with your love life. Instead, my goal is to help you clarify your version of “happily ever after” and then to provide you with the information needed to make wise decisions when choosing a partner, ‘lo achieve this, we will answer the following questions in the chapters to come:

• What does “happily ever after” really mean, and why do only three in ten people find it?
• Why do we get only three wishes for an ideal partner, and why do most people wish for the wrong things?
• What three traits should you look for in a partner if you want to significantly improve the odds of finding enduring love?

The Science of Happily Ever After is about making smarter choices. It’s about learning to weed out the undesirable traits and rethinking our views about what really matters in a romantic partner. ”