10 Signs You’re An Ambivert

 Introvert? … Extrovert?… Ambivert!

1. You like to be in the big and noisy company, to take part in large public actions, but for you it isn’t obligatory to play the most important role in them at all.

2. You like a long and cozy talks with friends, but from time to time you dream to escape from all.

3. Among your friends there are both personality type : extroverts and introverts and you able to get along with everyone perfectly.

4. You excel at both teamwork and solo projects.

5. It is difficult for you to make final decisions, because rationalism and impulsiveness are constantly fighting in you.

6. You are the main advisor to your friends. Because you have the perfect balance of both introverts and extroverts, so you understand other people perfectly and know what they whant.

7. You are the perfect love partner and friend because you are more flexible and adaptable than most people.

8. Sometimes you like to be the center of attention, but not too much, because you get bored quickly.

9. You open up to people easily, but you need time to start trusting someone for real.

10. Some days you blow up your friend’s phones and and other days you turn off your phone completely and “disappear”.

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