1000 Questions for Couples by Michael Webb

You need to use a certain amount of wisdom with these 1,000 questions. Someone who has just begun dating shouldn’t accelerate the relationship by starting off with questions on marriage and sex.

If you don’t think you and your partner are quite ready to commit to one another, it would be best to start off with the questions on personality, your past experiences, favorites and perhaps pets to start. The best relationships are built on a solid friendship so first address the questions that will help build that base.

Some people will want to answer four or five questions in a sitting. Others might like to spend several hours and answer 50 or more. Some people will want to put the questions in letters and mail them to each other on the same day so your answers don’t influence each other’s. Those with computers might find email to be a good way to get to know each other (and even keep the emails for future reference).

Do not avoid certain questions just because you find them uncomfortable or even embarrassing. Break down that communication barrier and learn to be able to talk about those issues with your partner. If someone is unwilling to talk about certain issues, it should throw up a flag for potential problems down the road.

Be honest in your answers, but you don’t need to paint vivid details of any of your past mistakes. You have to live with those memories; don’t make your mate have to as well.

Naturally, there will be some questions that don’t pertain to your relationship. If you are both 85 years old, questions on child rearing and how many children you desire are irrelevant. While this book is more geared towards couples that have not yet taken their vows, married couples will still find hundreds of questions that still need answering.


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