1,001 Statistics Practice Problems For Dummies

This book contains 1,001 statistics problems divided into 17 chapters, organized by the major statistical topics in a first-semester introductory course. The problems basically take on three levels:

  • Statistical literacy: Understanding the basic concepts of the topic, including terms and notation
  • Reasoning: Applying the ideas within a context
  • Thinking: Putting ideas and concepts together to solve more difficult problems

In addition to providing plenty of problems to work on in each chapter, this book also provides worked out solutions with detailed explanations, so you aren’t left high and dry if you get a wrong answer.

So you can rest assured that when you work for 30 minutes on a problem, get an answer of 1.25, and go to the back of the book to see that the correct answer is actually 1,218.31, you’ll find a detailed explanation to help you figure out what went wrong with your calculations.



Part I: The Questions

Chapter 1: Basic Vocabulary
Chapter 2: Descriptive Statistics
Chapter 3: Graphing
Chapter 4: Random Variables and the Binomial Distribution
Chapter 5: The Normal Distribution
Chapter 6: The t-Distribution
Chapter 7: Sampling Distributions and the Central Limit Theorem
Chapter 8: Finding Room for a Margin of Error
Chapter 9: Confidence Intervals: Basics for Single Population Means and Proportions
Chapter 10: Confidence Intervals for Two Population Means and Proportions
Chapter 11: Claims, Tests, and Conclusions
Chapter 12: Hypothesis Testing Basics for a Single Population Mean: z- and t-Tests
Chapter 13: Hypothesis Tests for One Proportion, Two Proportions, or
Two Population Means
Chapter 14: Surveys
Chapter 15: Correlation
Chapter 16: Simple Linear Regression
Chapter 17: Two-Way Tables and Independence

Part II: The Answers

Chapter 18: Answers
Appendix: Tables for Reference

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