101 Healing Stories for Kids and Teens by George W. Burns

101 Healing Stories for Kids and Teens : Using Metaphors in Therapy by George W. Burns pdf

101 Healing Stories for Kids and Teens : Using Metaphors in Therapy by George W. Burns Tell me a story…

How many times have you been asked to do this? If you are a parent, teacher, grandparent, uncle, aunt, babysitter, child-care worker, or anyone who has contact with children in some way, I am sure you have not escaped this frequent childhood request. But have you ever wondered what kids want when they make the request? Are they just seeking entertainment? Are they wanting to journey into a world of fantasy? Do they want the intimacy of the special relationship that exists between storyteller and listener? Do they seek to identify with a character that may model what they would like to be? Are they requesting examples of how they should behave, relate, or cope in life?

There is a general principle here: Kids love stories—for many reasons. If we need proof, just listen to them asking, “Tell me a story, please.” Look at the rows and rows of books of children’s stories that fill our bookstores and libraries. Look at the stories that come to life in popular children’s movies, or the tales of conflict, struggle, and victor)’ that tend to be the theme of so many video games. Such is our hunger for stories that we never stop asking to hear them, even though the nature of the questions may change a little—“Can I get a new book?” or “Can we rent a DVD?” Given this desire to learn, to be informed, to acquire problem-solving skills through stories, the prime question addressed by this book is this: If we are constantly sharing stories of learning, health, healing, and wellness with our young clients, how can we do that in a way that is most effective and helpful?

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