15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management

15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management: The Productivity Habits of у Billionaires, 13 Olympic Athletes, 2g Straight-А Students, and 239 Entrepreneurs by KEVIN KRUSE

What are the secrets to extreme productivity?

You will learn:
• How to cure procrastination with “Time Travel”
• How to save 8 hours a week with “3 Questions”
• How to identify your real top priorities
• How to get to zero emails in your inbox every day
• How the E-3C system will boost productivity
• How to reduce stress with the Richard Branson Tool
• How to leave work at 5:00 without feeling guilty
• How to run meetings like Apple, Google & Virgin
• How to conquer social media distractions
• BONUS: Discover Your Time Personality quiz
• BONUS: 100+ Time Management Quotes


“Overworked and Overwhelmed” on a New Jersey Highway
The Power of 1440

How I Beat Back Time Thieves
1,440 Minutes in a Day
Time Is the Most Important Asset
Why Minutes, Not Seconds?
The Power of Proper Priorities
What’s Your One Thing?
Identify Your Most Important Task (MIT)
Mark Pincus on His MIT
Two Awesome Hours in the Morning
How Does This Apply If You’re A(n)…
Stop Making To-Do Lists—Do This Instead
The Problem with To-Do Lists
Live Life from Your Calendar
Jeff Weiner Time Blocks Buffer Time
Design Your Ideal Week with Time Blocks
How Does This Apply If You’re A(n)…
The Procrastination Cure
Procrastination Isn’t about Laziness
Procrastination Buster #i: Time Travel
Procrastination Buster #2: Pain & Pleasure
Procrastination Buster #3: Accountability Partner
Procrastination Buster #4: Reward and Punishment
Procrastination Buster #5: Act As If…
Procrastination Buster #6: Settle For Good Enough
How Does This Apply If You’re A(n)…
How to Leave the Office at 5:00—Without Guilt
Sheryl Sandberg Makes It Home for Dinner
The Secret to Guilt-Free Balance
Do You Need to Be Everything for Everyone?
There Will Always Be More to Do
How Does This Apply If You’re A(n)…

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