180 Thematic Poems and Activities for Kids

A Poem a Day: 180 Thematic Poems and Activities that Teach and Delight All Year Long / by Helen H. Moore (K-3)

Teachers certainly do reach lor poetry- They know that poetry is a perfect vehicle for teaching children about the workings of language and the workings of the world around them. Poetry is by nature meant to read aloud, and as such is a powerful tool for building childrens phonemic awareness—that is, their ability to pick out and manipulate the sounds in spoken words.

As you share the poems in this book with your students, play with the language, highlighting all that you notice about the words and the sounds. Read the poems aloud, make up your own rhymes, point out examples of alliteration and invite kids to give alliteration a whirl. Point out word families, syllables, beginning and ending consonants, long and short vowels, and other aspects of language.

If you’re workihg with older students, use the poems to teach more sophis ticated literary elements, such as metaphor and analogy. Beyond introducing the workings of language, poetry opens up children’s imaginations and hearts, helping them look at their familiar world in a new way. Whether it’s about a rainy day or a trip to school or a fight with a friend or fear of the dark, each poem in this collection was written or selected with children’s curiosities and concerns in mind—as well as yours!

All of the poems were especially chosen to suit classroom needs, so you are almost certain to find a poem for any purpose you have, on any day of the year.


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