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202 GREAT RESUMES by Jay A. Block, CPRW & Michael Betrus, CPRW 202 GREAT RESUMES by Jay A. Block, CPRW & Michael Betrus, CPRW – Endorsed by the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches pdf

✓ Expert Techniques for Building the Perfect Resume
✓ Over 200 In-Demand Professions at All Levels
✓ Latest Cutting-Edge Formats, Styles, and Strategies for Using Keywords
✓ Proven Tips on Cover Letters, Networking, and Salary Negotiation

Crafting the Resume

Our business was booming in the 1990s. Companies were growing like crazy, hiring employees at every level. Unemployment was under 4%, and starting salaries were skyrocketing, especially in the technology sector. With all that hiring activity, there was a big need for services like ours to help people conduct an effective transition from one career choice to another.

The days of very low unemployment have passed, at least for now. The stock market has been crushed, and it may take another decade to reach the levels we saw in 2000. Fortune magazine even ran a cover story (June 2003) on white-collar layoffs. It’s tough out there, and the competition for jobs is even tougher. That is why we are focusing this book on spinning your accomplishments to meet the needs of the hiring company.

Higher Unemployment + Contracting Workforce = MORE COMPETITION

This guide offers a new approach to resume writing and lists steps to take to ensure that your profile is reviewed by both decision makers and hiring managers. It is unique in the following ways:

How to research a company to uncover its needs. Nearly all resume books focus all their effort on developing a resume that illustrates the career background of the candidate. Great. The shortfall here is that too little time is spent understanding the needs of the target company, and then structuring your story (of which your resume is only a part) around that. Job searching today is analagous to sales: You must understand the needs of the hiring company (the buyer) in order to get hired (make the sale).

How-to section showing how to “spin” your resume to match the requirements of the target company. Danielle Sabian worked in various marketing and sales capacities for 12 years. She decided to test the employment waters and see if she could better her current position as a creative director for a Big Five advertising agency. She had one resume and circulated it to several other firms and companies that could use an experienced marketing or sales director or vice president. One resume! A true professional with terrific credentials for marketing consumer products had only one resume to use to market herself for a myriad of sales and marketing positions. Do you see the flaw? Danielle should have had several resumes, each with a factual but different emphasis. We developed six “boilerplate” resumes: one for agency marketing, one for in-house marketing, one for agency sales, one for sales management, one for agency VP positions, and one for client VP positions.

How to get in the door, network, and get yourself exposed to the hiring managers. Anyone in sales will tell you that the toughest part of sales is prospecting. Once you get in front of the decision maker, it’s generally downhill from there—and fun. The toughest part of job searching is getting in front of the hiring manager. We will share some tactical actions you can take to help you get in front of the decision makers and influencers at the company you are targeting.

Create and articulate your value to the hiring managers and spin the right message, depending on whom in the target company you are meeting. Statements versus value statements. A resume focused on the candidate includes statements about the candidate. These statements may or may not be relevant to the hiring manager or the person reviewing the resume. A resume with statements that are tailored to match the accomplishments of the candidate with the needs of the target company provides value. Value statements will get you through the screening process and in front of the hiring manager.Contents

List of Resumes by Industry/Job Title

1 Why This Book Is Unique
2 Creating a Solutions-Based Resume
3 Getting in the Door
4 What’s Happening on the Other End?
5 Crafting the Resume
6 An E-Guide to the Electronic Resume
7 Happy Graduation: Uncovering Job Opportunities
8 Keywords and Action Verbs
9 Special Cases: Resume Challenges
10 The Resume Workshop
11 Consultative Sales Approach and Cover Letters
12 Resumes by Profession
13 Tips and Strategies

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