220 Words Your Child Needs to Know to Become a Successful Reader

The Complete eBook of Sight Words: 220 Words Your Child Needs to Know to Become a Successful Reader / FlashKids

Every time your child reads a text, 50 to 75 percent of the words he or she encounters are from the Dolch Sight Word List. The Dolch Sight Word List is a core group of 220 common words that are represented frequently in reading material. Children need extra practice learning these words, many of which can’t be represented by simple pictures.

Often, these sight words do not follow regular spelling rules and cannot be “sounded out.” Learning to immediately recognize these words “at sight” is a critical skill for fluent reading. The Complete Book of Sight Words introduces all 220 Dolch sight words, divided into four levels of increasing difficulty.

The book presents and then reinforces each word in a way that promotes understanding and retention. Children ages five through eight will find memorizing these words both simple and fun. The book’s entertaining activities offer lots of practice with tracing and writing, while word puzzles and games provide an extra challenge. Your child can color the pictures, laugh at the funny characters, and enjoy learning about sight words.



Language: English
Format: ebook PDF
Pages: 576
Size: 92 mb