269 Amazing Love Tips and Tricks for Her

1 . It is easy to create an intimate relationship with someone when you respect and like yourself. Believe that you are:

  • Attractive
  • Interesting
  • Loving

2. If you have any doubts, go for assertion training, which will help you feel great.

3. The scx that blew the top of your head off yesterday was yesterday. Make each day, each lovemaking session, new.

4. See erotic fantasy as a gorgeous, life-enhancing pleasure in itself. Don’t look at it as a means to an end.

Scxual fantasy is a unique scxual experience, since it embodies a type of tension that can’t be really experienced in the flesh. This tension is also the erotic pull between what may be wonderful for you but bad for others. It represents the balance between freedom of thought and repression of the forbidden.

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