300+ Kid-Pleasing Poems for All the Topics You Teach

300+ Kid-Pleasing Poems for All the Topics You Teach (K-2) / H. Moor

Why Teach With Poetry?

To learn to love poetry is to learn to love language, and even very simple, sometimes silly rhyming poetry, the kind in this book, can open the world of words to your students. Children in grades K-2 are very much in love with language learning: they love learning words, knowing words, inventing their own words, and of course, speaking words. You ean use this love of language to engage young children in all sorts of themes and subjects by introducing poetry into your classroom practlee-with results that will delight both you and the children in your class.

Good poetry should be specific, should stretch the reader’s vocabulary, and engage the readers five senses’. The simple poems in this book meet your students where they’re at, but stretch them a little, too. They are designed with the needs and abilities of young readers in mind, and with you in mind as well, covering topics and themes you are likely to teach-from sight words to the presidency to the seasons of the vear to animals and their habits (and habitats) to the life cycle of a pumpkin seed.

Use them anyway you like: to start a theme or topic, as bulletin-board content or as reading material in themselves. Reading and reciting poetry often inspires writing poetry: you can also use these poems to start your students writing their own poems. The possibilities are limitless!


  1. School Days
  2. Sensational Seasons & Magical Months
  3. Happy Holidays
  4. Whatever the Weather
  5. Best Me I Can Be!
  6. Family, Friends, Community
  7. Letter Learning
  8. Super Sight Words
  9. Reading, Writing & ’Rithmetic
  10. Shapes, Colors & Primary Concepts
  11. On The Farm
  12. Mammals & More
  13. Remarkable Reptiles & Awesome Amphibians
  14. Birds, Birds, Birds!
  15. Creepy Crawlies
  16. In the Deep Blue Sea
  17. Earth & Beyond
  18. Science & Nature
  19. Food & Fun
  20. Mother Goose & Classic Rhymes

On This Theme: 
180 Thematic Poems and Activities that Teach and Delight All Year Long (K-3) 

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