37 Best Photos of Book Art (collection)

What to do , if book  long-awaited bestseller  did not justify your hopes?

You can put the book away or give it to a friend, or you can improvise a little  and create book art, as it was made by some artists.

And it will turn out  that book pages came to life suddenly and began to be formed and to transform to romantic landscapes, convenient interiors and even literary characters. For example like this…

Guy Laramee

Guy Laramee book art landscape


Guy Laramee book art landscape


Guy Laramee book art, cave, castle


Guy Laramee book art landscape, castle


Guy Laramee book art landscape


Guy Laramee book art, landscape


Brian Dettmer

Brian Dettmer, funny-go-raund


Brian Dettmer, human


Brian Dettmer


Brian Dettmer, tree


Brian Dettmer, Freud, science


Georgia   Russel

Georgia   Russel, sleeping woman


Georgia   Russel


Georgia   Russel, exposition, book art


exposition, book art, Georgia Russel


Georgia Russel , in field


Georgia Russel, author, artist


Robert   The

Robert   The, book art, mop


Robert   The, book art , pistol


Robert   The, book scorpio


Robert   The, a piece of wood, оак


Robert The, puzzle


Jacqueline Rush Lee

Jacqueline Rush Lee, book flower


Jacqueline Rush Lee, exposition


Jacqueline Rush Lee, book art exposition


Alexander Korzer-Robinson

Alexander Korzer-Robinson, collage


Alexander Korzer-Robinson, book artist


Alexander Korzer-Robinson


Alexander Korzer-Robinson, Alice in Wonderland



BookOfArt, create


BookOfArt, read


BookOfArt, hearts, love


Su Blackwell

Su Blackwell


Su Blackwell, lights in the house


animals in the forest, owl, Su Blackwell


a Little Prince, Su Blackwell


castle, Su Blackwell


These photos are amazing, aren’t it?