50 Ideas That Can Change Your Life

50 Ideas That Can Change Your LifeMy purpose in writing this book is to help you live a more effective life by sharing with you the information and observations I have accumulated through personal experience and in dealing with thousands of people each year.

For years you have been told that all you had to do to succeed and lead a happier and more effective life was to start thinking right. Those who have been telling you to discipline your mind are correct, but they have not gone far enough. We all know, even in our early years, that simply making up your mind to succeed and lead a more effective life seldom works.

There is, to be sure, a feeling of excitement when we are told that all we have to do is to make a firm decision to change and we can achieve what we want. Unfortunately, the next day or the week most of us have forgotten our high resolves and are back to our old negative habits again. Our New Year’s resolutions are often is shambles by the middle of January.

Being determined to succeed and lead a more effective and creative life is not enough, because it does not go to the heart of the problem, which is faulty perception. Once we see things correctly, once we interpret our environment in the light of reality or “what is,” we can change ourselves.

I have come to know people in all walks of life and I can assure you that they have not been effective or ineffective, or met with success or failure, as a result of intelligence or the lack of it, or because they had, or had not made up their minds to succeed. Those had failed did so because they were viewing their environment incorrectly. They looked at things the wrong way and then started believing things that were simply not true about themselves, their families, their occupation, and life in general. And because of this, they began to lose touch with reality.

Man is the only animal who talks to himself. All day long you are talking to yourself and feeding yourself information about your environment. You are exactly the same as a programmer feeding a computer, except you are both the programmer and the computer. Your five senses do the programming and if you look at things incorrectly, you will be out of touch with reality, seeing the world only as you want to see it. A successful, happy life depends upon accurate feedback from your environment to your mind.

We perceive a situation, then we program our mind with what we think is the reality of the situation. This determines our mental process and our behavior, which in turn determines how we perceive the next situation. So, we perceive, believe, and behave.

I have drawn form many resources to help myself and others to perceive, believe, and behave. This book contains fifty ideas in the form of observations and anecdotes that are meant to give you, to the best of my ability, a picture in sharp focus, easy to see, of the situations you and I, and the millions like us encounter in our daily life.

Hopefully, these ideas will encourage you to perceive, believe and behave in new ways that will enable you to experience the best possible life.

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50 Ideas That Can Change Your Life by DR. ROBERT ANTHONY (PDF)