7 Best Books For Women’s Self Esteem

By the beginning of the season, we take inspiration from books about how to change everything. March is a good month to start a new life.

Bridget Jones, Mad About Boy  by Helen Fielding

Do you ever allow yourself to eat a third cupcake, drink too much or for no reason? Have you ever forgotten to pick up children from school? Did you promise to quit smoking and start playing sports on Monday? Never looked stupid or funny? And you haven’t tweeted about the date yet, although it’s not finished yet? Not? Then this book is not for you.

Helen Fielding continues the story of touching Bridget Jones. Bridget’s diary for such brave and tireless seekers of happiness, like her. Friends and dating sites help her in the pursuit of happiness, but true love awaits Bridget in a completely different place.


The woman who slept for a year by Sue Townsend

On the day when the children left home, Eve went to bed and stayed there for a year. For seventeen years, she wanted to shout, “Stop! I want to leave! ” And finally, she has a chance. Her husband, Brian, an unhappy astronomer, is upset about his wife’s outrageous behavior. Who is going to cook him dinner and wash the toilet?

This is a novel about a woman who once decided that she doesn’t want “All this”, went to bed and refused to get up. The world froze – but just now, when Eva had stopped cutting flowers and preparing dinners, she began to understand what had gone wrong in her life.


Thursdays In the Park by Hilary Boyd

A romantic relationship between a man and a woman is good, but usually short-lived. For more than thirty years, Jeanie was a loving wife, devoted mother and caring grandmother. And so, after many years of happy family life, her husband George suddenly left the family bed and went to sleep in the guest room. At first Jeanie was determined to understand what was going on, but the days turned into weeks and then years, but George doesn’t want to talk about it. Did she do something wrong? Is he in love with someone else?

But one day the situation begins to change when Jenny met Ray in the Park, which seems to be the complete opposite of her husband.


Runaway  by Alice Munro

Runaway is a collection of amazing stories about love and betrayal, about unexpected turns of fate and complex relationships. There are no banal stories and familiar schemes. From the pen of Alice Munro out so lively characters-women of all ages and positions, their friends, lovers, parents, children – that they may well be our neighbors.

The author writes about the web, which sooner or later gets every woman – when you want to throw everything and run away, but do not have the strength to do it.


Astragal by Albertina Sarrazin

Published half a century ago, Albertina Sarrazin’s autobiographical novel Astragal went around the world. The novel, which was written in prison, where she spent several years for prostitution and theft, brought her real fame.

The memory of a woman who didn’t look like anyone. She always stands out from the crowd and encourages readers to follow the clever and bold flow of her thoughts.

All the events described in the novel are true. Jailbreak, outlaw life, mad love and the constant fear of being in prison again are described with utmost sincerity. Surprisingly, the interest in the book after so many years does not fade.

The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty

Some secrets are better locked up forever.

Imagine that your husband wrote a letter that you have to open after his death. Imagine that the letter reveals a dark secret that can destroy not only your life, but also to cripple the fate of many people around you.

Cecilia Fitzpatrick-a beautiful wife and mother of three young daughters – accidentally finds a letter written by her husband many years ago with a request to open after his death. But her husband is still alive and well. He requests in no way case not to open this message. However, Cecilia still opens the letter, and the terrible secret that she learns from it, radically changes the life of not only her family, but also the people she barely knows…


Be The Miracle: 50 Lessons for Making the Impossible Possible
by Regina Brett

This book is a treasure trove of inspirational stories. Their heroes are ordinary people, worthy of admiration.

Every story is a lesson. And together they present a textbook that teaches us to do good and see the miracle of change everywhere.

50 lessons on how to change your destiny, your environment and no longer wait for the beginning of life. Start right now!