7 Immutable Law of Success In Everything You Do

Do you want to change something in your life, for example, start working more effectively? Do you have big dreams, but you do not know how to realize them and where to start ? Unfortunately, in this article you will not find a ready recipe “How To Become Successful In 5 Minutes?”.

You will find concrete and proven methods of how to act more effectively in your life. But just reading this guide will get you nowhere. You need use this rules in real life and apply these rules every day – this is General law of success . 


Law of Success #1:  Plan Your Success

Who doesn’t plan, plans failure ! 

This is an absolute truth, a kind of dogma of success and effective work. If you want to achieve a lot in your life, you need to plan your actions. Not because some gurus of success say so, but because it gives you some advantages.

When you plan a task, the first thing you know is What You Want To Achieve. Most people will never achieve anything, because they don’t understand what they really want. Think about.

Workshop:  It is very important to define your personal goals in life here and now . Just take a piece of paper and start writing or drawing what your life will be like in 5 years . Is that really what you want?

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Law of Success #2:  Take responsibility for your success

There is always a “victim” to blame for other people’s failures. People like it-to blame someone for their mistakes . It makes you feel better, doesn’t it? But if you really want to act effectively in your life, it is time for you to realize that you are responsible for your effective & ineffective life. Nobody else. Neither your parents, nor your partner. You are responsible for your decisions and actions, and whether you like it or not, it’s true.

The sooner you understand these rules, the sooner you will start acting effectively. Stop lying to yourself!

Law of Success #3:  Surround yourself with success

It is really very simple and easy to understand – just surround yourself with people, books, success patterns from all sides.

If you are surrounded by successful people who have already achieved a lot and are always striving to achieve more, people who represent the thinking that led them to success, guess what happens next ? Right! Your mind will start thinking like them and you will be on the way to success.

Law of Success #4:  Be productive

Every day millions of people repeat as a mantra the phrase “I have no time… I don’t have time… ” but in reality, they spend a lot of time on completely unproductive things. “Unproductive” are actions that bring absolutely nothing for your personal success.

Let’s be honest! How much time do you spend on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and what real benefit does it bring to you ? Believe me,You are not alone! Most of people spend several hours of their lives every day doing completely meaningless and useless actions .

Stop wasting your time.  Just ask yourself ” How can this help me achieve my personal goal?”

Law of Success #5:   Change Your State of Mind

The main reason that most people do not know how to motivate themselves to achieve personal goals is the way of thinking. Have you ever noticed that the mood and your motivation largely dependent on your inner state of mind? How effective was your actions last time when you felt drained of your energy?

Being able to change your state of mind proactively means that you are in control. To gain more conscious control over what is going on in your mind, you need to develop awareness of these processes.

Exercise: Close your eyes, take a deep breath and free your mind from all the chatter that is going on inside. This will give room for a change of state, for something new to enter.

Law of Success #6: Don’t do it List

To-do list is not news. This list is designed to organize tasks. But more important is the list of things you shouldn’t do. Why? Well, because it is very important to quickly and effectively determine what is unproductive and what really works .

Law of Success #7:  Effective action it’s one action at a time

Remember: “less is more”

Don’t plan too many tasks for one day. This way, there will be no stress that comes at the end of the day when you see a lot of unfinished business on your to-do list. Highlight the priority task. Thanks to this, all your energy and strength will be directed to solving one specific task, which will ensure its excellent performance.


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