A survival guide for working with humans

A survival guide for working with humans : dealing with whiners, back-stabbers, know-it-alls, and other difficult people / Gini Graham Scott (pdf)

Today, with a sputtering economy, collapsing and merging companies, corporate scandals, high-tech upheavals, and growing global competition, life in the workplace is more difficult than ever.

Trusting in business relationships has become more uncertain, too. It helps to have guidelines on how to maneuver through today’s unpredictable work environment, much like learning to swim through a narrow chasm in a swirling river.

That’s what A Survival Guide for Working with Humans is all about. It started with a series of mostly weekly columns in the San Francisco Bay Area on the perils of the workplace and what to do about them.

Eventually my editor had to drop the columns to run more advertising and specialty features, but as reader response grew I decided to expand on the idea for these columns and turn them into a book. In a sense, I decided to take my own advice: to find a way to turn a problem into an opportunity and look for ways to put a positive spin on whatever happens.

So consider these chapters as a series of recipes for coming up with a better way of dealing with your everyday experiences at work and in business relationships. It’s the first in a series of books of recipes for success, which cover questions on everything from how to remake yourself in a more diversified workplace to how to deal with backstabbing, gossip, poor communication, and even when to bring in the lawyers or go to court. In keeping with this recipe approach, each chapter includes:

  • An introductory paragraph highlighting the problem.
  • A short story or a couple of stories about one or more people = who faced this problem (with their identities and companies concealed, of course).
  • A quiz with a list of possible responses so you can think about what you might do; you can even use this as a game to discuss this issue with others and compare your responses.
  • A discussion about what people did to resolve their problems successfully or what they might do.
  • A series of three or more take-aways to highlight what to learn from the chapter.

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A survival guide for working with humans by Gini Graham Scott (pdf)