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Today it is already clear that raising a child is much more than just feeding, sleeping, dressing, bathing and taking care that nothing happens to him. It is a concern for the harmonious mental development of the child, it is the formation of a strong personality, fully ready for a long and fascinating, though sometimes dangerous journey, which is called life.

In this article, the author will be pleased to share with you his experience and knowledge in the field of child psychology. This knowledge will bring to your family home a few new ideas, shed light on the understanding of how the psyche of the child is arranged. They will help to educate you as successful parents who are aware of their great potential in creating the best conditions for the development of their children . Let’s read!

Mistakes made in the first years of a child’s life are the most critical. Because the first years are the foundation. If it is built incorrectly-the whole house will be flimsy, even if the rest of the elements were made correctly.

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