Anger Management for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Clients


How To Use This Manual

  • Session 1 Overview of Group Anger Management Treatment
  • Session 2 Events and Cues: A Conceptual Framework for Understanding Anger
  • Session 3 Anger Control Plans: Helping Group Members Develop a Plan for Controlling Anger
  • Session 4 The Aggression Cycle: How To Change the Cycle
  • Session 5 Cognitive Restructuring: The A-B-C-D Model and Thought Stopping
    Session 6 Review Session #1: Reinforcing Learned Concepts
  • Sessions 7 & 8 Assertiveness Training and the Conflict Resolution Model:
    Alternatives for Expressing Anger
  • Sessions 9 & 10 Anger and the Family: How Past Learning Can Influence Present Behavior
  • Session 11 Review Session #2: Reinforcing Learned Concepts
  • Session 12 Closing and Graduation: Closing Exercise and Awarding of Certificates

Appendix: Authors’ Acknowledgments

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 54
(psychology, self-help) Anger Management - A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Manual