Ayurvedic Astrology : Self-healing through the Stars

OVER the past few decades, interest in Ayurvedic medicine has grown rapidly worldwide, with many new books on the subject coming out on a regular basis. Ayurveda is now recognized as one of the foremost systems of traditional and natural medicine, with deep spiritual and yogic insights, including an important usage of astrology.

Following in the footsteps of Ayurveda, interest in Vedic astrology has also grown exponentially. It is now honored as one of the most accurate and profound systems of astrology available. It has also been the subject of a number of new books, including several that refer to its connection with Ayurveda. The following book – Ayurvedic Astrology – focuses on the interface between these two fascinating systems. It shows how to use them together in a practical manner in order to optimize your karma in life, unlocking the healing potential of the stars.

Ayurveda (Vedic medicine) and Vedic astrology are closely related branches of Vedic science designed to harmonize ourselves with the greater universe of consciousness. The two have been used together throughout the centuries in India to promote balance and well-being in all aspects of our nature. This book explores the astrological aspect of Ayurvedic medicine, which is also the medical and healing aspect of Vedic astrology. For the spiritual connections between the two systems, it brings in the role of Yoga, the Vedic science of Self-realization.

Ayurvedic Astrology presents the main astrological factors behind health, both physical and mental, according to the Vedic vision of the unity of the human being and the cosmos. It emphasizes the special typologies of both Vedic systems, combining the doshic (mind-body) constitutions of Ayurveda with the planetary types of Vedic astrology. This correlation shows how psycho-physical and planetary forces reflect one another in our makeup and in our expression, including noting their disease-causing potential.

In addition to this ‘diagnostic side’, the book presents the corresponding Vedic ‘treatment measures’ for promoting healing and for improving awareness. It shows how Ayurvedic therapies, like diet and herbs, can be used to help balance planetary influences; and how astrological remedial measures, like gem therapy, can help improve our overall health and well-being. The book also brings in yogic methods, especially the use of ritual, mantra and meditation, showing us how to propitiate the deities or cosmic forces working through the planets.

While the first two sections of the book are oriented toward the general reader, the third section contains about thirty sample charts for those interested in a more technical application of astrological principles. To understand this section requires some background in Vedic astrology such as explained in introductory books on the subject.

May this union of the Vedic sciences of light and life transform your approach to both healing and to astrology for the well-being of both yourself and the entire planet!

Dr. David Frawley
June 2005

AYURVEDIC ASTROLOGY : Self-healing through the Stars by Dr. David Frawley pdf