Body Language for Dummies

Body Language for Dummies : A fascinating guide to communicating without words  by Elizabeth Kuhnke pdfBody Language for Dummies : A fascinating guide to communicating without words  by Elizabeth Kuhnke pdf

Body language speaks louder than any words you can ever utter. Whether you’re telling people that you love them, you’re angry with them, or don’t care less about them, your body movements reveal your thoughts, moods, and attitudes. Both consciously and subconsciously your body tells observers what’s really going on with you.

In a competitive and complex world the ability to communicate with clarity, confidence, and credibility is vital for success. Too frequently this ability is overlooked. Sound reasoning, logical conclusions and innovative solutions are rendered meaningless if they are not communicated in a way that persuades, motivates, and inspires the listener.

All day every day your body is relaying messages about your attitude, your mood, and your general state of being. You can determine what messages you relay by the way you use your body. Although body language began with our ancient ancestors and long before vocal sounds turned into sophisticated words, phrases, and paragraphs, only in the last 60 years or so has body language been seriously studied. During that time people have come to appreciate the value of body language as a tool for enhancing interpersonal communication. Politicians, actors, and high-profile individuals recognise the part that their bodies play in conveying their messages.

Each chapter of this book addresses a specific aspect of body language. In addition to focusing on individual body parts and the role they play in communicating your thoughts, feelings, and attitudes, you discover how to interpret other people’s body language, giving you an insight into their mental state before they may be aware of it themselves. Remember that you need to read body language in clusters and context. One gesture doesn’t a story tell any more than does one word.

By performing specific actions and gestures, you can create corresponding mental states. By practising the gestures, you experience the positive impact of body language and discover how to create the image you want. You may actually become the person you want to be.

Are you ready? Read on.

Contents at a Glance


Part I: In the Beginning Was the Gesture

Chapter 1: Defining Body Language
Chapter 2: Looking Closer at Non-verbal Gestures

Part II: Starting at the Top

Chapter 3: Heading to the Heart of the Matter
Chapter 4: Facial Expressions
Chapter 5: The Eyes Have It
Chapter 6: Lip Reading

Part III: The Trunk: Limbs and Boots

Chapter 7: Take It From the Torso
Chapter 8: Arming Yourself
Chapter 9: It’s in the Palm of Your Hand
Chapter 10: Standing Your Ground
Chapter 11: Playing with Props

Part IV: Putting the Bodg into Social and Business Context

Chapter 12: Territorial Rights and Regulations
Chapter 13: Dating and Mating
Chapter 14: Interviewing, Influencing, and Playing Politics
Chapter 15: Crossing the Cultural Divide
Chapter 16: Reading the Signs

Part V: The Part of Tens

Chapter 17: Ten Ways to Spot Deception
Chapter 18: Ten Ways to Reveal Your Attractiveness
Chapter 19: Ten Ways to Find Out About Someone Without Asking
Chapter 20: Ten Ways to Improve Your Silent Communication

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 337