Gordon Wainwright: Body Language

Body Language (Teach Yourself) by Gordon Wainwright PDF“In this book you will learn a language which everybody knows already. This is the language of the body. Every time we talk to someone else the body supplements what we say with dozens of small gestures, eye movements, changes in posture and facial expression.

The fact that everybody knows this language already will not prevent you from learning to ‘speak’ it more effectively. Hence the reason for this book.

Most people do not realize just how much they use this unspoken language every time they communicate with another person. They use it unconsciously. And so do you. It may be that you, too, do not realize it is possible to use body language more effectively.

This book will prove otherwise. If you read it carefully and put its guidance into practice, especially through the exercises and experiments it contains, you will find yourself becoming more skilled in the use of body language. And also more skilled in understanding other people’s use of it.”


Part One: Skills & Techniques

  • Eye Contactuses
  • Facial Expression
  • Head Movements
  • Gestures And Body Movements
  • Posture and Stance
  • Exercises and Experiments
  • Bodily Contact
  • Appearance and Physique
  • Timing and Synchronization
  • Body Language and Spoken Language

Part Two: Contexts

  • Body Language Around The World
  • Body Language At Work
  • Everyday Encounters
  • Personal Attraction
  • Personal Development

Language: English
Pages: 98