CAT TALES: Fantastic Feline Fiction (pdf) Edited by George H. Scithers

Here are thirteen stories, three haiku, and a conventional poem, all involving cats. A few, like “The Cats of Ulthar” and “Kreativity for Kats,” are well-known classics; others, like “Creeper Shadows,” are freshly written.

Cat Tales: Fantastic Feline Fiction offers a home for many sorts of stories involving cats: fantasy stories, mystery stories, and science-fiction stories — and every so often a story that doesn’t quite fit into any of these genres, just to present our readers with the unexpected. We also seek poetry involving cats.

Cat Tales is intended to be a continuing series, rather like a magazine in paperback-book format. Our first volume is devoted mostly to fantasy stories — a deal with the Devil, a re-incarnation, and a long tale of Medieval magic, even a dragon — along with a couple of murders and a science-fiction story. For our next volume, well, let’s see who we find purring inside our mailbag.

It’s hardly surprising, considering all our fiction involves cats and the people who are owned by them, that so many of our contributors are from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

While wre welcome reprints as well as new’ stories, wre prefer ones that have not been published recently in North America. Do bew’are of stories whose “cats” are better described as elves, gnomes, or little men who are dressed up in furry costumes and are just pretending to be cats. We and our readers strongly prefer believable cats behaving in believable, cat-like ways, coping with whatever strange things — fantastic, mysterious, or science-fictional — that befall them and their human companions.

Our upper limit is supposed to be around 15,000 words, but can be flexible about that. We wrant to avoid talking cats (yes, yes, wre know” one of the cats in this issue does say six words, but that’s a special case — you’ll see what wre mean) and and to avoid cats coming to a bad end on stage. Think of Cat Tales as a place for stories told (or read) by the fireplace with a contented cat purring in your lap.


INTRODUCTION, by George H. Scithers
Feline fiction: fantasy, mystery, & science fiction.

The Devil’s website was clear enough_

SCOUT, by Mary A Turzillo
The whoosh of an advanced propulsion system.

AMERICAN CURLS, by Nancy Springer
Catnapping … and a murder.

THE CATS OF ULTHAR, by H.P. Lovecraft
It is said that in Ulthar, no man may kill a cat.

A silver ribbon, sparkling with sunlight…

NON-EXISTENT CATS, by Tony Richards
As the title says, this is about non-existent cats.

ANGELIQUE’S, by Sandra Beswetherick
Her cat, Thomas, was good at finding things.

THREE HAIKU, by Mark Budman
Your paws weave time…

THE CAT, by Charles Baudelaire
A feline poem…

The cat had been hiding the killer’s left-overs.

DRAGON DREAMS, by Shereen Vedam
The bright, orange light from the two suns…

CAT CALL, by K.D. Wentworth
I squeezed through my catdoor and saw the body.

A CHRISTMAS CAROL, by Jack Williamson
The yellow-striped cat slipped inside.

THE EYES OF RA, by Jim C. Hines
“Did Bast send you to chastize me, Bast-ta-sherit?”

CREEPER SHADOWS, by Fred Chappell
Medieval magic and a very large, very black cat.

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