Catch Him And Keep Him

One evening you’re spending a romantic dinner with a man you’re dating and you spring a question on him and wait for him to respond. You say:

“What do you think about us… You know… about the future?” Or you say something like…
“I don’t feel like you tell me about your feelings…. How do you feel about where this is going? You know, about our relationship?”

So you’ve asked a simple question right? And when he can’t answer you in a positive way, which men often do in these situations, you become upset or disappointed. Yeah, I know… men can do all sorts of really STUPID stuff with these questions. Avoiding, turning things around, acting like you dropped a bomb on them, ignoring it, saying tired lines like, “It’s not you, it’s me”, or reacting with fear and anger.

So what’s going on here?

The reality is that men spend much less time than you do thinking about their attractions, connections and intentions—their “inner world”.It’s time to learn how men think and what to do about it as a woman.

You’re about to be introduced to the knowledge and information that can have such an amazing impact on your love-life that you’ll think that you’ve become Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of Love.

If you read this book and make an ongoing effort to learn what’s in it, then your perspective on men, dating, and relationships will change. This change could mean the difference between your ending up happy and in love or lonely and single.

Best of all, you’ll learn the real-world truth about dating and men without having to go through the painful failure and heartbreak other women suffer from before they find out what really works.

The information in this book all boils down to the key elements of meeting and attracting men, the courtship process, and setting yourself up for a successful long term relationship with a man….

Catch Him And Keep Him: What Every Woman Should Know About How To Catch Her Mr. Right… And Keep Him For Good By Christian Carter pdf