Child Psychology: A Practical Guide by Dr Kairen Culler

CHILD PSYCHOLOGY: A Practical Guide by Dr Kairen Culler pdf

Most people use some amateur psychology, but this is very different to the work of a professional psychologist who, along with many years of study and supervised professional practice, must always try to work with objectivity, neutrality and scientific rigour. In the following pages there are many activities and exercises to help you get a firm grasp of the ideas presented. Some of them may be fun and safe to try out with your own children, and if this is the case the book will make this clear.

This book will offer some ideas that will help you to understand children better. People are complex and children are perhaps even more so, as they by definition are learning, developing and changing constantly and rapidly. Add to this the fact that each child’s situation and history is unique, and it’s obvious that the better equipped you are to understand, the more likely you are to be able to contribute something useful and to help support the child’s learning and development.

Fortunately – or maybe unfortunately, depending on your perspective – there’s no recipe book or manual for helping a child become a healthy, functional and happy adult person, but there are many well-theorized and well-researched ideas that psychology can offer in doing the best job possible-and most are ones you will recognize from everyday life, as the renowned paediatrician Benjamin Spock acknowledges in his book on child development and parenting: ‘You know more than you think you do.’

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CHILD PSYCHOLOGY: A Practical Guide by Dr Kairen Culler 

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