CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY: Science, Practice, and Culture

Clinical psychology: Science, practice, and culture by Andrew M. Pomerantz 2nd ed. pdf

Clinical psychology Clinical psychology: Science, practice, and culture/Andrew M. Pomerantz.-2nd an increasingly expansive field. This book effectively introduces its students to the vast range of issues it encompasses. My rationale for creating this textbook was multifaceted:

• To provide a balanced approach to clinical psychology. There is no shortage of healthy debates within clinical psychology, and I believe that the ideal way to introduce students to the spectrum of opinions represented by clinical psychologists is to maximize the even-handedness of the text.

• To promote cultural competence. Clinical psychologists must appreciate cultural factors in all their professional activities, and as students familiarize themselves with the field, cultural sensitivity should be woven into their lessons.

• To offer many illustrative examples, including clinical applications for clinically relevant topics.

• To write in a professional yet clear and accessible style and include up-to-date information on all topics. Also, the text covers a distinctly broad range of topics while maintaining an adequate degree of depth.

The first edition of this text was enthusiastically received by both instructors and students. We were pleased to learn that they found numerous components of the book— its emphasis on issues of culture, its unique pedagogical features, its scholarly yet readable style, its many clinical examples, its balanced approach, and its ancillary package, among others—beneficial to student learning.

About the Author

Andrew M. Pomerantz, PhD, is a professor of psychology and director of the Clinical Adult Psychology Graduate Program at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. He teaches a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses related to clinical psychology. He also maintains a part-time private practice of clinical psychology in St. Louis, MO. He earned his BA in psychology from Washington University in St. Louis and his MA and PhD in clinical psychology from Saint Louis University. He completed his predoctoral internship at Indiana University School of Medicine Psychology Training Consortium. He has served on the editorial boards of the Journal of Clinical Psychology and Ethics & Behavior and has published articles in numerous professional journals, including Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, Teaching of Psychology Ethics & Behavior, and Training and Education in Professional Psychology He also coauthored Psychological Assessment and Report Writing with Karen Goldfinger. His primary research interests include psychotherapy and ethical/professional issues in clinical psychology. He served two terms as president of Psychotherapy Saint Louis and is a member of the American Psychological Association.

Brief Contents

About the Author


Chapter 1. Defining Clinical Psychology
Chapter 2. Evolution of Clinical Psychology
Chapter 3. Current Controversies in Clinical Psychology
Chapter 4. Cultural Issues in Clinical Psychology
Chapter 5. Ethical Issues in Clinical Psychology
Chapter 6. Conducting Research in Clinical Psychology


Chapter 7. Diagnosis and Classification Issues
Chapter 8. The Clinical Interview
Chapter 9. Intellectual and Neuropsychological Assessment
Chapter 10. Personality Assessment and Behavioral Assessment


Chapter 11. General Issues in Psychotherapy
Chapter 12. Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Chapter 13. Humanistic Psychotherapy
Chapter 14. Behavioral Psychotherapy
Chapter 15. Cognitive Psychotherapy
Chapter 16. Group and Family Therapy


Chapter 17. Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology
Chapter 18. Health Psychology / Laura A. Pawlow and Andrew M. Pomerantz
Chapter 19. Forensic Psychology / Bryce F. Sullivan and Andrew M. Pomerantz

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