Cognitive Psychology by Robert J. Sternberg

Cognitive Psychology by Robert J. Sternberg pdf

“I knew what my students wanted; or at least I thought I did. We wanted a book that would achieve a number of objectives.

1. Combine readability with integrity. I have chosen books that were so chewy that only the strongest stomachs could digest their contents, and I have chosen ones that melted like cotton candy, with substance to match.
I have tried to write a book that would give students something to chew on, but one that they could easily digest.

2. Balance a clear presentation of the big questions of cognitive psychology with a respect for the important details of the field. Perhaps in no course more than in cognitive psychology are both the forest and the trees important. The best and most lasting work in the field is driven by enduring and fundamental questions. However, that work also respects the details of methods and data analysis needed to produce meaningful results.

In order to achieve the balance, 1 have opened each chapter with a preview of the big questions dealt with in that chapter and ended each chapter with a summary of what we have learned in the field that addresses each question. Within the chapters, the writing has been guided by the big questions, while conveying to students the kinds of details to which cognitive psychologists need to attend in both their theory and research.

3. Balance the learning of subject matter with thinking about the subject matter. An expert cognitive psychologist knows the discipline but can also use the knowledge. Knowledge without thought is useless, but thought without knowledge is empty. I have tried to balance a respect for subject matter with an equal respect for its use.

Every chapter ends with diverse questions that emphasize comprehension of the subject matter, as well as analytical, creative, and practical thinking with that subject matter. Students using this book will not only learn the basic ideas and facts of cognitive psychology, but also how to think with them.

Although the book ends with the chapter on intelligence, intelligence also plays a major role in the beginning and the middle of the book because it is the organizing framework within which cognitive psychology is presented. This framework is not in terms of a traditional psychometric model of intelligence, but rather in terms of intelligence as the fundamental organizing framework for all of human cognition.

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