Creativity and Innovation in Business & Education

The word „creativity” has become a very popular concept as, thanks to this human trait, it is possible to create original solutions, which is necessary and highly valued in business due to the high competitiveness of markets, continuing for decades. The necessity of distinguishing itself and creating consumer needs determine the success of an organization; on them depends the opportunity of development not only of the company but also of the region and the economy.

Therefore, an increasing attention is paid to conducting the analysis of the internal conditions (individual) and external (e.g. organizational), favouring practical use of ability to create custom solutions. Creativity is the basis for building the innovation potential.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the pragmatic dimension of creativity which is the purpose of the following publication that undertakes considerations on its importance on two levels.

The first concerns the business sector, both in the wide sense, concerning the impact of creativity on the quality of functioning of the organization, the behaviour of the people within it and the effectiveness of their decisions, and in a narrow sense, from the perspective ofthe individual, where creativity is the determinant of effective leadership and professional development.

The second perspective presents the problem of creativity in education, the need to create conditions conducive to the development of this unique attribute of man. This section also stressed the value of innovative teaching methods in the intellectual and professional development.


Creativity and innovation in business

Creativity and innovation in education

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