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Welcome to the world of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). With CSS, you can design gorgeous and highly effective Web sites. CSS offers power and flexibility to Web site developers and designers. This book shows you how to use CSS to make your Web pages come alive.

Marketing experts like to say that the box helps sell the jewelry. CSS does several useful things, but one of the most important is to help you design much more attractive packages to hold your Web page contents. CSS allows you to separate presentation from content when building a Web site. Put another way, HTML itself is rather limited in what it can effectively display. It’s fine for holding or describing content (such as a paragraph of text), but the appearance of raw HTML Web pages isn’t very stylish (to put it kindly).

With HTML, you often can’t find an easy way — or any way at all — to display the content so that it looks really good when someone views it in a browser. Using CSS techniques, you can often make your site much more attractive, and at the same time, enforce style rules that help unify the entire site’s appearance across all its pages. In this book, you find out how to wrap your online content in appealing visual designs using CSS, including special dramatic effects such as animated transitions between images or entire pages.

Style sheets can provide striking, well-designed containers into which relatively plain HTML content is poured. The best Web pages aren’t merely efficient, logical, and stable — they also look really cool. The end result of employing CSS is a more attractive Web site with a more coherent, effective overall design.


  1. The ABCs of CSS
  2.  Looking Good with CSS
  3. Adding Artistry: Design and Composition with CSS
  4.  Advanced CSS Techniques
  5. The Part of Tens

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