Developmental Psychology: The Growth of Mind and Behavior

Developmental Psychology: The Growth of Mind and Behavior  / by Frank Keil

Developmental psychology has emerged robustly in the past few decades as a full-fledged science in which scholars propose theories and models and then test them rigorously. This book celebrates the ways in which ideas, many of which have been with us for centuries, are now being tested in carefully designed experiments or through powerful new statistical analyses of large data sets.

It is fascinating to see how classic issues are now coming into much clearer focus as a result of clever new studies. Throughout this text, authors will encounter theories, sometimes conflicting theories, and ask how they can be tested and what the current evidence tells us. In many cases, the debate continues with more than one view remaining viable, but also with a much better understanding of the research path forward.

Contents in Brief

Developmental Psychology

PART I  Framing Psychological Development

  • Chapter 1 Approaching Psychological Development
  • Chapter 2 The Biology of Development

PART II Origins

  • Chapter 3 Coming to Perceive the World
  • Chapter 4 The Emergence of Action
  • Chapters Coming to Understand the Physical World
  • Chapter 6 Connecting with the Social World
  • Chapter 7 The Origins of Emotion, Temperament, and Personality

PART III Developing Competencies

  • Chapter 8 Language Development
  • Chapter 9 The Growth of Knowledge
  • Chapter 10 The Growth of Cognitive Skills
  • Chapter 11 Intelligence and Schooling

PART IV The Self and Others

  • Chapter 12 Morality in Thought and Action
  • Chapter 13 Knowing Ourselves, Knowing Others
  • Chapter 14 Becoming Part of the Family
  • Chapter 15 Becoming Part of the Community

PART V Broader Developmental Context

  • Chapter 16 Psychopathology in Childhood
  • Chapter 17 Development after Childhood and Adolescence

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