Emergency Psychiatry by A. Chanmugam, P.Triplett, G.Kelen

Emergency Psychiatry edited by Arjun Chanmugam, Patrick Triplett, Gabor Kelen (Cambridge Medicine) pdf

Emergency Psychiatry edited by Arjun Chanmugam, Patrick Triplett, Gabor Kelen Emergency Psychiatry

is designed for health care providers who may manage patients with acute psychiatric problems or wish to better understand the fundamentals of urgent psychiatric conditions. This concise but practical reference focuses on the management of patients who are thought to be suffering from an acute psychiatric ailment or crisis. The authors are experts in their field, and the editorial team each has considerable clinical experience in emergency psychiatric evaluation and care, including the inherent difficulties associated with many of the conditions and the superimposition of social contexts.

Our goal was to provide a review of the key issues in psychiatry in a comprehensive but succinct format. Although many of the issues discussed in this book are complex and deserving of a more detailed discussion, our primary concern was to provide a review that will help guide practical acute management. Psychiatric conditions are, by their very nature, challenging to manage, but with a good understanding of the pathology and the appropriate resources, patients can be effectively cared for in the acute setting. The editors understand that in some cases, adequate resources for psychiatric patients may be wanting or scarce; it was in fact that very realization which compelled us to create a reference to assist the acute care provider in stabilizing and managing the patient with an acute presentation of psychiatric illness.

Emergency psychiatry is a nascent subspecialty of both psychiatry and emergency medicine. However, many fields of medicine are called on to recognize and manage patients with acute psychiatric conditions and to appreciate the impact these conditions have on other clinical and social conditions. We hope that this book may help to better serve patients and providers and in the process to promote increased recognition of the importance of emergency psychiatry.


1 Assessment and general approach
2 Management of agitation and violence
3 Suicide assessments
4 Managing substance abuse in the acute setting
5 Psychosis
6 The delirious patient
7 The anxious patient
8 Mood disorders
9 Personality disorders
10 Legal issues in the care of psychiatric patients in the emergency department
11 Geriatric psychiatry
12 Issues in pediatric psychiatric emergency care 185
Emily Frosch and Patrick Kelly
13 The evaluation of intellectual and developmental disabilities 200
Lisa S. Hovermale, Theodosia Paclawskyj, Dyanne Simpson, and Eric Samstad
14 Emergency management of eating disorders 219
Graham W. Redgrave, James Harrison, and Angela S. Guarda
15 The acute management of patients with psychiatric complications of chronic illness or chronic pain
16 Death and dying
17 The emergency management of women with psychiatric illness
18 The impact of culture on the acute management of psychiatric illness
19 Understanding the psychology of difficult patients

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