Energized Hypnosis by Christopher S. Hyatt

Energized Hypnosis: A Non-Bookfor Self Change by Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D. & Calvin Iwema

Regular books are designed to impart opinion, and if you are lucky, some useful information. This is a non-book, and was deliberately designed to have an impact on you, the reader, and to begin to create change in your life.

You may also find that the information contained within is useful as well.As you read this non-book you will be going deeper and becoming more awake at the same time —the trick is, this non-book is the method, the technique….. Being a non-book about energized hypnosis, it contains language patterns similar to those used in hypnosis, so please enjoy breaking the rules of grammar and spelling as you read — we did.

It is imperative that you pretend you believe this is a nonbook. As you find your brain trying to make this non-book into a book, you will discover many interesting and funny things —so please enjoy the workings of your mind, and be sure to take full advantage of your creative responses.

Every phrase in this non-book, the CDs and the DVDs has been designed for one purpose: to assist you in becoming the person you already know at some level you are. “Become who you are, there are no guarantees” is the motto.

Language: English
Format: PDF online
Pages: 66
Size: 2 mb

Christopher S. Hyatt: Energized Hypnosis

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