Erotic Astrology

You probably already know your Sun sign—the zodiacal sign that was occupied by the Sun on the day you were born. The Sun’s placement in your natal chart is important, because it defines your basic character and personality, denotes your public persona, and determines how you act in social situations.

However, for specific insight into the way you relate in more intimate situations, you need to look beyond the Sun to the sign position of the Moon, which deals with the inner self and shows how you come across emotionally. Even more important where your love life is concerned, are the horoscope placements of the celestial lovers, Mars (passion and sexuality) and Venus (love and romance).

With Erotic Astrology in hand, you’ll get to know yourself a lot better, find out what makes your lover tick, and learn whether or not you two are really compatible between the sheets. Moreover, you will be able to use the revelations of the stars to help you find true love and lasting passion, while avoiding many of the romantic pitfalls that make for disappointment in and out of the bedroom.

Erotic Astrology : Sex Secrets of Your Horoscope by Phyllis Vega (PDF)