Essentials of Ancient Chinese Acupuncture

Essentials of Ancient Chinese Acupuncture

It is considered in traditional Chinese medicine that the twelve regular channels which distribute over the body connect interiorly with the viscera and exteriorly with the extremities and joints. Each of the channels has its own pathway and connects to the others according to an exterior-interior relation.

Selection of points according to the distribution of the channels is illustrated in an old saying: “Where a channel traverses, there the place is amenable to treatment.” Traditional Chinese medicine attaches great importance to the concept of the integrity of the human body. When any portion of the human body is affected by disease, various symptoms and signs may be manifested through the channels that portion connects.

In treating diseases with acupuncture, it is important to apply the theory of the zang-fu organs and that of the channels to differentiate symptoms and signs. The selection of points depends upon this differentiation, the rule applying in selecting points for acupuncture analgesia as well. That is before selecting points, first differentiate the symptoms and signs of a disease and find out their relation with the zang-fu organs and the channels.

Clinical practice and scientific experiments with acupuncture analgesia show that the nervous system plays a role in suppressing pain and the regulative effect of acupuncture analgesia.

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