Essentials of KABC-II assessment by Alan S. Kaufman

psychology students Essentials of KABC-II assessment by Alan S. Kaufman pdf

In the Essentials of Psychological Assessment series, we have attempted to provide the reader with books that will deliver key practical information in the most efficient and accessible style. The series features instruments in a variety of domains, such as cognition, personality, education, and neuropsychology.

For the experienced clinician, books in the series will offer a concise yet thorough way to master utilization of the continuously evolving supply of new and revised instruments, as well as a convenient method for keeping up to date on the tried-and-true measures. The novice will find here a prioritized assembly of all the information and techniques that must be at one’s fingertips to begin the complicated process of individual psychological diagnosis.

Wherever feasible, visual shortcuts to highlight key points are utilized alongside systematic, step-by-step guidelines. Chapters are focused and succinct. Topics are targeted for an easy understanding of the essentials of administration, scoring, interpretation, and clinical application. Theory and research are continually woven into the fabric of each book but always to enhance clinical inference, never to sidetrack or overwhelm.

We have long been advocates of what has been called intelligent testing—the notion that a profile of test scores is meaningless unless it is brought to life by the clinical observations and astute detective work of knowledgeable examiners. Test profiles must be used to make a difference in the child’s or adult’s life, or why bother to test? We want this series to help our readers become the best intelligent testers they can be.

In Essentials of KABC-IIAssessment, the authors have attempted to provide readers with succinct, straightforward, theory-based methods for competent clinical interpretation and application of the second edition of the test that we developed in 1983. Unlike the original K-ABC (for ages 2.5—12.5), the KABC-II is normed for children and adolescents between 3 and 18 years.

This book helps ease the transition of examiners who have been longtime K-ABC users and provides a solid foundation for new examiners who are first discovering the Kaufman approach to cognitive assessment. The KABC-II reflects the blend of its 20-year history with the latest neuropsychological and psychoeducational theories.

This book thoroughly integrates theory, research, clinical history, and clinical inference with sets of guidelines that enable the examiner to give, and then systematically interpret and apply, this thoroughly revised and restandardized instrument.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 415