Essentials of Psychological Testing by Susana Urbina

Essentials of Psychological Testing by Susana Urbina (Essentials of behavioral science series) pdf 

In the Essentials of Behavioral Science series, our goal is to provide readers with books that will deliver key practical information in an efficient, accessible style. The series features books on a variety of topics, such as statistics, psychological testing, and research design and methodology, to name just a few. For the experienced professional, books in the series offer a concise yet thorough review of a specific area of expertise, including numerous tips for best practices. Students can turn to series books for a clear and concise overview of the important topics in which they must become proficient to practice skillfully, efficiently, and ethically in their chosen fields.

Wherever feasible, visual cues highlighting key points are utilized alongside systematic, step-by-step guidelines. Chapters are focused and succinct. Topics are organized for an easy understanding of the essential material related to a particular topic. Theory and research are continually woven into the fabric of each book, but always to enhance the practical application of the material, rather than to sidetrack or overwhelm readers. With this series, we aim to challenge and assist readers in the behavioral sciences to aspire to the highest level of competency by arming them with the tools they need for knowledgeable, informed practice.

Essentials of Psychological Testing has three goals. The first is to survey the basic principles of psychometrics that test users need to use tests competently. The second goal is to supply, for each of these areas, the information required to understand and evaluate tests, and test use, at a basic level. The third goal is to provide readers who need or desire more comprehensive information on psychological testing with the major reference works in the field. It is important to emphasize that this volume is not intended to replace college courses in psychological testing, psychometrics, or tests and measurements.

Rather, this book may serve as a review or refresher for those who have taken such courses, as well as a point of departure for further exploration of certain topics. For those who have not yet taken testing courses but are considering them, this volume may be useful as an orientation to the field and as a preview.

Finally, for those who are curious about psychological tests but do not intend to pursue formal studies in psychometrics, this book will acquaint them with the essential concepts of this field.

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