Exercising Through Your Pregnancy

Exercising Through Your Pregnancy: Your Guide to an Active Healthy Pregnancy / James F. Clapp III, MD

This book details firsthand experiences studying over 250 women who exercised regularly before, during, and after pregnancy and another group of more than 50 women who began one of several structured exercise programs during pregnancy. These studies were broad, in-depth investigations that focused on the multiple effects of regular exercise before, during, and immediately after pregnancy that create concern for the women themselves and for those who supervise their athletic endeavors and their medical care.

The studies detail what these healthy women did before, during, and after pregnancy and what effect it had on them, their pregnancies, and their offspringas newborns and throughout their first five years of life. As such, the studies give a comprehensive picture of what happens to exercise performance and the reproductive process when a woman continues, starts, or stops a regular exercise regimen during the months when she is trying to get pregnant, as well as during the various stages of pregnancy and lactation.

Exercising Through Your Pregnancy not only provides the physically active, healthy woman with the information she needs to understand the effects of regular exercise on the reproductive process, so she can appropriately plan her physical activity during conception, pregnancy, and lactation, but also speaks to health care and fitness professionalsphysical trainers, coaches, fitness instructors, nurses, midwives, doctors, health club personnel, physical therapists, nutritionists, and so onwho interact with physically active women.

This book guides these professionals to develop a rational, objective, and individualized approach to both exercise prescription, exercise monitoring, and pregnancy care for different groups of physically active women.

Finally, the book discusses in detail the past and current controversies that surround continuing strenuous exercise during the process of conceiving, carrying, birthing, and nursing a baby, which should provide valuable reading for family members including fathers-to-be or grandparents-to-be who are anxious about the effects of exercise during pregnancy on the mother and baby.

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