Experimental Psychology : A Manual of Laboratory Practice



§ 1. Measurement
§ 2. Mental Measurement
§ 3. An Analogy
§ 4. Three Problems of Quantitative Psychology
§ 5. Some Technical Terms
§ 6. The Further Programme of Quantitative Psychology

§ 7. Questions


Experiment I
§ 8. The Qualitative RL for Tones: the Lowest Audible Tone

Experiment II
§ 9. The Qualitative RL for Tones : Alternative Experiment

Experiment III
§ 10. The Qualitative TR for Tones: the Highest Audible Tone

Experiments IV-VI
§ 11. The Intensive RL for Pressure

Experiments VII, VIII
§ 12. The Intensive RL for Sound
§ 13. Weber’s Law

Experiments IX-XII
§ 14. Demonstrations of Weber’s Law: Fechner’s Cloud Experiment; Fechner’s Shadow Experiment; Sanford’s Weight Experiment; Ebbinghaus’ Brightness Experiment


§ 15. The Law of Error

Experiments XIII, XIV
§ 16. The Method of Limits (Method of Just Noticeable Differences: Method of Least Differences: Method of Minimal Changes): Determination of the DL for Brightness and Tone

Experiment XV
§ 17. Fechner’s Method of Average Error (Method of Reproduction: Method of Adjustment of Equivalent ft): the Equation of Visual Extents

Experiments XVI, XVII
§ 18. The Method of Equivalents: Application of the Method to
Cutaneous Extents and to Pressure

Experiments XVIII, XIX
§ 19. The Method of Equal Sense-Distances (Method of Mean Gradations: Method of Supraliminal Differences: Method of Equal-appearing Intervals): Application of the Method to Intensities of Sound and to Brightness

Experiment XX
§ 20. The Method of Constant ft (Method of Right and Wrong Cases): Determination of the Limen of Dual Impression upon the Skin

Experiment XXI
§ 21. The Determination of Equivalent ft by the Method of Constant ft: the Comparison of Movements of the Arm

Experiments XXII, XXIII
§ 22. The Method of Constant УР-Differences (Method of Right and Wrong Cases): Determination of the DL for Intensity of Sound and for Lifted Weights


§ 23. The Electric Current and the Practical Units of Electrical Measurement
§ 24. The Technique of the Simple Reaction

Experiment XXIV
§ 25. The Three Types of Simple Reaction

Experiment XXV
§ 26. Compound Reactions: Discrimination, Cognition and Choice

Experiment XXVI
§27. Compound Reactions: Association


Experiment XXVII
§ 28. The Reproduction of a Time Interval

Index of Figures

1. Illustration of Mental Measurement
2. Appunn’s Lamella
3. Galton’s Whistle
4. Edelmann’s Galton Whistle
5. Scripture’s Touch Weights
6. von Frey’s Hair Aisthesiometer
7. Application of Hair to the Cutaneous Surface (von Frey)
8. von Frey’s Limen Gauge
9. Regulating Apparatus for Limen Gauge
10. Lehmann’s Acoumeter
11. Correlation of Intensive Pressure Sensation with its Adequate Stimulus (Hofler)
12. Correlation of Tonal Pitch with Vibration Rate (Hofler)
13. Correlation of 5″ with Я under Weber’s Law (Wundt)
14. Arrangement of Apparatus for Fechner’s Shadow Experiment
15. Discs for Kirschmann’s Photometer
16. Cattell’s Curve
17. Curves of Gauss’ Law of Error
18. Mechanical Illustration of Cause of Curve of Frequency (Galton)
19. Illustration of a Normal Distribution (Galton) .
20. Tuning-forks with Rider Attachments
21. Tuning-forks with Screw Attachments
22. Galton Bar
23. Sound Pendulum
24. Delboeuf’s Disc : First Pattern
25. Delboeuf’s Dark Box
26. Delbceuf’s Disc : Second Pattern
27. Arrangements of Discs for the Method of Mean Gradations (Wundt)
28. Wundt’s Triple Colour Mixer
29. Muller’s Curve of the Distribution of the RL
30. Munsterberg’s Apparatus for the Comparison of Movements of the Arm
31. Muller’s Curve of the Distribution of the DL
32. Carrier Bracket for Lifted Weights
33. Simple Voltaic Cell
34. Arrangements of Primary Batteries
35. Four-frame Nichols Rheostat
36. Schema of Lamp Battery
37. Wright-Scripture Lamp Battery
38. Ammeter (Bottone)
39. Simple Forms of Ammeter and Voltmeter
40. Schema of Measurement of Lamp Resistance
41. Wheatstone Bridge
42. Metre Bridge (S. P. Thompson)
43. Schemata of Direct Current and Alternating Current Dynamos (Glazebrook)
44. Schemata of Series-wound and Shunt-wound Dynamos
45. The Hipp Chronoscope (front)
46. The Hipp Chronoscope (back)
47. Arrangement I of the Simple Reaction Experiment
48. Arrangement II of the Simple Reaction Experiment
49. Arrangement III of the Simple Reaction Experiment
50. Pohl’s Commutator
51. Direction of Currents through Pohl’s Commutator
52. Simple Control Hammer (Wundt)
53. Noise Stimulator
54. Sound Hammer (Wundt)
55. Martius’ Arrangement for Simple Reaction to Clangs
56. Schema of the Wundt-Lange Optical Pendulum
57. Krille’s Interruptor
58. Cattell’s Arrangement for Voice Reactions to Visual Stimuli
59. Jastrow’s hutter
60. Scripture’s Touch Key
61. Dessoir’s Sensibilometer
62. Arrangement for Simple Reaction to Electric Stimulation (Dumreicher)
63. von Vintschgau’s Thermophor
64. Kiesow’s Temperature Stimulator
65. Moldenhauer’s Smell Stimulator
66. Buccola’s Smell Stimulator
67. Zwaardemaker’s Arrangement for Olfactory Reactions
68. Reaction Key (Telegraph Model)
69. Jastrow’s Reaction Key
70. Scripture-Dessoir Reaction Key
71. Cattell’s Lip Key
72. Jastrow’s Speech Key
73. Galvanometer (Peyer et Favarger)
74. Two-way Switch
75. Rheochord for Hipp Chronoscope
76. Distribution of Apparatus in Arrangement II
77. Distribution of Apparatus in Arrangement I
78. Frequency Polygon of ‘ Reaction Times ’ of Frog (Yerkes)
79. Frequency Polygon of Reaction Times (Thorndike’s data)
80. Frequency Polygon of Reaction Times (Thorndike’s data)
81. Frequency Polygon of Reaction Times (Alechsieff)
82. Reading Telescope (Cambr. Inst. Co.)
83. Five-finger Reaction Keys (Zimmermann)
84. Roemer’s Exposure Apparatus
85. Vierordt’s Lever

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