First ebooks of minibeasts

All about minibeasts for kids ebooks

All about minibeasts for kids

Minibeasts are everywhere! They jump, buzz, crawl, and wriggle all around you.
This book will help you name the many mini-beasts you may see. It also tells you what they do and where they like to live. Watch for bees and butterflies that visit flowers. Look for bugs and woodlice under logs or rocks (ask an adult to help). Find spiders in hedges and bushes, or sit by the pond watching for dragonflies and pond skaters.

At the back of this book is an observer’s guide to help you remember the mini-beasts you notice. You can also write down the animals you see or draw them. You can download First ebooks of minibeasts for free in PDF or read online. Turn the page to learn all about minibeasts!

Anita Ganeri - First book of minibeasts