Fun Phonics Vowels Workbook for Kids

Phonics Vowels: Vowel Sounds You Need to Know to be a Successful Reader  (Grades K-1) by FlashKids

Knowing vowel letters and their sounds is an important step in learning to read. This book provides fun activities that introduce vowel sounds and their letter combinations. The activities will help your child identify both short vowels and long vowels. Through tracing and writing, matching, games, mazes, and stories, your child will receive lots of practice distinguishing between the different vowel sounds. These activities build reading skills and give your child opportunities to decode words, phrases, and sentences.

To get the most from the activities, follow these simple steps:

  •  Find a comfortable place where you and your child can work quietly together.
  •  Encourage your child to go at his or her own pace.
  •  Help your child with if he or she gets stuck.
  •  Offer lots of praise and support.
  •  Most of all, remember that learning should be fun! Take time to enjoy this special time spent together.

Language: English
Format: ebook PDF
Pages: 141
Size: 20 mb!f6JD1arb!rpNChOWoGzlP_ZdJvXcjO2Rrf1gGa0bb1Kur8zfynbM