Fundamentals of neurologic disease

Fundamentals of neurologic disease by Davis, Larry E. (Larry Ernest) pdf

This textbook is intended for students who wish to learn the basic principles of neurology and to understand common neurologic diseases. Authors selected 58 neurologic diseases based on their frequency, ability to represent that category of neurologic disease, value in teaching neuroscience concepts, and diagnostic importance.

Authors recognized that most introductory courses on neurologic diseases are short and lack sufficient time for a student to extensively read a comprehensive neurology textbook. In addition, while abbreviated versions of neurology textbooks cover a myriad of neurologic diseases in telegraphic style, they are difficult to comprehend unless one already knows about the disease.

Thus, many students finish the course with a spotty understanding of neurology. Authors designed this book to be read from cover to cover, giving the reader a more thorough understanding of the fundamentals of neurology.


  1.  Approach to the patient with a neurologic problem
  2.  Neurologic examination 
  3.  Common neurologic tests 
  4. Disorders of muscle 
  5. Disorders of the neuromuscular junction
  6. Disorders of peripheral nerves
  7. Disorders of the spinal cord and vertebral bodies
  8.  Disorders of the brainstem and cerebellum 
  9. Disorders of the cerebrovascular system 
  10. Disorders of myelin
  11. Disorders of higher cortical function 
  12. Disorders of the extrapyramidal system 
  13. Central nervous system infections 
  14. Brain tumors 
  15. Seizures and status epilepticus 
  16. Coma and cerebral death 
  17. Disorders of the developing nervous system 
  18. Traumatic brain injury and subdural hematoma 
  19. Neurologic complications of alcoholism 
  20. Disorders of pain and headache 
  21. Disorders of the vestibular system 
  22. Glossary of common neurologic terms 

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