General Theory of Gestalt Psychology by Mary Henle

Mary Henle: DOCUMENTS OF GESTALT PSYCHOLOGY (original, 1961)

The present book brings together more recent contributions by the founders of Gestalt psychology and by some of their immediate collaborators and students. With the exception of the essays by Wertheimer, which are not elsewhere easily accessible to the psychologist, most of these papers have been published since 1950. They thus illustrate the recent thinking and findings of the authors.

They include work in the fields of social psychology, motivation, and art, in addition to new developments in the exploration of the cognitive processes, for which Gestalt psychology used to be best known. The concepts of Gestalt psychology have been central for some workers in the field, have markedly influenced others, and have slightly tinged the work of hundreds more. Limitations of space have dictated the omission from the present volume of authors whose inclusion would have given a more rounded picture of the scope and influence of contemporary Gestalt psychology.


  • GESTALT PSYCHOLOGY TODAY by¬† Wolfgang Kohler
  • Essays by Max Wertheimer
  • General Theory of Gestalt Psychology
  • Cognitive Processes
  • Social Psychology and Motivation
  • The Gestalt Theory of Expression & Art

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