Grow Rich! With Peace of Mind by Napoleon Hill

“I began to plan this book in the closing years of the nineteenth century. It has thus been nearly seventy years in preparation. During those years I have witnessed more vital changes in the affairs of men than had taken place in all the previous years of the history of civilization.

I have seen the advent of the automobile, the airplane, radio, television, atomic power, the age of space. I have seen electric power spread across the country, industry rise to levels of production beyond nineteenth-century dreams, science and technology enjoy an almost explosive development.

I have seen old nations disappear, new nations arise, jungles give way to paved roads, cities burgeon where sleepy villages once stood. And I have seen people adapt themselves to all these changes and go right on being people, just as they have been for uncounted thousands of years.

You will find this book takes cognizance of the changing world. In speaking of people, however. I speak of the forces which always have moved people and always will. We still see that without sufficient money our lives are mean and hemmed in, so wc want success in earning money.

And along with money-success we want to be free of fears, nervous tensions, self-induced illness, worries, unhappiness. That is, in addition to money-success we seek peace of mind to make our lives complete. While this book may help you win great wealth, it can help you win peace of mind in abounding measure.

As you will see, when we speak of peace of mind wc speak of more than peace as a restful state. Peace of mind is at the same time restful and dynamic, or, we might say,  a restful base upon which your life-dynamism stands.

It has been called the wealth without which you cannot really be wealthy. It manifests itself in many ways:

  • It is freedom from negative forces which may take possession of the mind, and from any such negative altitudes as worry and inferiority.
  • It is freedom from any feeling of want.
  • It is freedom from self-induced mental and physical ailments of the kind which chronically degrade life.
  • It is freedom from all fears, especially the seven basic fears we shall expose in all their ugliness.
  • It is freedom from the common human weakness of seeking something for nothing.
  • It is possession of the joy of work and accomplishment.
  • It is the habit of being one’s self and doing one’s own thinking.
  • It is the habit of checking one’s attitudes toward life and toward one’s fellow men. and always adjusting these attitudes for the better.
  • It is the habit of helping others to help themselves’.
  • It is freedom from anxiety over what may happen to you after you die.
  • It is the habit of going the extra mile in all human relationships.
  • It is the habit of thinking in terms of what you wish to do. instead of thinking of the obstacles which may get in your way. It is the habit of laughing at the petty misfortunes which may overtake you.
  • It is the habit of giving before trying to get.

Peace of mind covers a surprisingly broad field, doesn’t it? In every way you use it. it helps you win money-success—and more. Peace of mind helps you live your life on your own terms, in values of your own choosing, so that every day your life grows richer and greater.


• Chapter l – Know Your Own Mind, Live Your Own Life
• Chapter 2 – Close the Doors on Your Past
• Chapter 3 – The Basic Mental Attitude That Brings Wealth and Peace of Mind
• Chapter 4 – When You Are Free of Fear, You Are Free to Live
• Chapter 5 – Will You Master Money — Or Will It Master You?
• Chapter 6 – The Blessed Art of Sharing Your Riches
• Chapter 7 – How to Develop Your Own Healthy Ego
• Chapter 8 – How to Transmute Sex Emotion into Achievement Power
• Chapter 9 – To Succeed in Life, Succeed in Being Yourself
• Chapter 10 – The Master Mind Group — A Power Beyond Science
• Chapter 11 – Win Mighty Aid from the Eternal Law of Compensation
• Chapter 12 – You Are Very Important — For a Little While
• Chapter 13 – Not Too Much, Not Too Little
• Chapter 14 – The Magic Power of Belief
• Chapter 15 – Enthusiasm — And Something More
• Chapter 16 – It Is up to You to Live the Life the Creator Gave You

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