Habit Busting: A 10-step plan that will change you- life

Habit Busting: A 10-step plan that will change you- life  (pdf) by  Pete Cohen and Sten Cummins with Jennai Cox

What You Will Need for This Book

In the course of reading this book we want you to become an investigator rather than a critic. To do this all you will need are an inquisitive and open mind, a notebook and a pen. Please give yourself time to change: you have worked hard at creating these habits and need the time you deserve to bring about change.

In the work that we do, we start out by reminding each person of four absolute truths:

1 Every human being has positive worth. That worth is non-negotiable. Your worth is always there, and it’s always going to be there, in spite of the behaviours and habits you may have picked up during your life, and however appropriate or inappropriate they may be. Nothing that happens in life can change that.

2 Other people’s reactions to what you do and say are just that – other people’s reactions. Their reactions, comments and attitudes are theirs, not yours. The only person who can define you is you. You are not responsible for how other people feel about you.

3 When you make a decision, you invariably make the best decision you can at that time, with the options you believe you have. There is a positive intention motivating all your behaviour. However the behaviour might seem with the benefit of hindsight, all behaviour is positive in intent.

4 Every person has within them all of the strengths and resources necessary to change into the person they want to be.


Foreword – Dr Hilary Jones

Step 1 What Are Habits?
Step 2 Using Your Imagination
Step 3 Why We Want to Change: Pleasure vs Pain
Step 4 Motivation
Step 5 Beliefs
Step 6 The New You
Step-7 Making Mistakes
Step 8 Saying Goodbye to Old Habits
Step 9 Getting Stronger
Step 10 Taking Care of Yourself – Ttie Habit of a Lifetime

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