Handbook of Psychology : Assessment Psychology

handbook of psychology vol. 10Handbook of Psychology : Assessment Psychology by John R. Graham Jack and A. Naglieri – vol. 10 PDF 

Assessment psychology is the field of behavioral science concerned with methods of identifying similarities and differences among people in their personal characteristics and capacities. As such, psychological assessment comprises a variety of procedures that are employed in diverse ways to achieve numerous purposes.

Assessment has sometimes been equated with testing, but the assessment process goes beyond merely giving tests. Psychological assessment involves integrating information gleaned not only from test protocols, but also from interview responses, behavioral observations, collateral reports, and historical documents.

The Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (American Educational Research Association [AERA], American Psychological Association, and National Council on Measurement in Education, 1999) specify in this regard that

the use of tests provides one method of collecting information within the larger framework of a psychological assessment of an individual  psychological assessment is a comprehensive examination undertaken to answer specific questions about a client’s psychological functioning during a particular time interval or to predict a client’s psychological functioning in the future, (p. 119)

The diverse ways in which assessment procedures are employed include many alternative approaches to obtaining and combining information from different sources, and the numerous purposes that assessment serves arise in response to a broad range of referral questions raised in such companion fields as clinical, educational, health, forensic, and industrial/ organizational psychology.

Subsequent chapters in this volume elaborate the diversity of assessment procedures, the nature of the assessment questions that arise in various settings, and the types of assessment methods commonly employed to address these questions.

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