The Healthy Hound Cookbook

The Healthy Hound Cookbook by Paris Permenter and John Bigley

Over 125 Easy Recipes for Healthy, Homemade Dog Food—Including Grain-Free, Paleo, and Raw Recipes!

Greetings, fellow dog lovers, and welcome to our kitchen! Like you, we are pet parents who share our lives with our furry family members—and that includes cooking the occasional meal or treat for them. Using whole foods, we enjoy whipping up dishes for our dogs Irie and Tiki— including many meals that we all share.

Whether you would like to prepare Sunday doggie dinners, the occasional special celebratory meal, or everyday dog treats, it’s easy to do—and it’s always very appreciated!
This book is also perfect for pet parents who want to take the leash in terms of their dog’s diet. Maybe you want to avoid giving your dogs all the preservatives and additives found in many store-bought dog treats. Perhaps you love cooking and want to offer your dog foods made with in-season produce that’s packed with nutritional value. Or maybe your dog needs a particular specialty diet that’s costly to purchase. Just as there is no single best diet for every person, there isn’t one diet that’s best for all dogs.

Every dog is an individual—some will thrive on one diet, while others do best on another.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 740