Healthy Pregnancy: month by month guide by Mayo Clinic

This book is for people who will soon be having a baby. There are few events in anyone’s life that rival the importance — and the joy — of childbirth. This new person will be so important to you as a parent that you will do anything to nurture, protect and give love to this special baby. Undoubtedly, your desire to start that care is reflected in your interest in this book, a guide to starting out a new life in good health for both mother and baby.

Although pregnancy is a normal ev ent, it is marvelously complex, involving changes in mother’s anatomy and physiology and in the entire family’s relationships. These changes are tiny compared to the miracle of development of a single cell formed from the sperm and egg to a brand-new, one-of-a-kind, important human being.

This book is a compilation of expertise from many viewpoints and approaches to care. Mayo Clinic has at the core of its greatness an approach to every medical issue by a team of caregivers, each with special insight and gifts.

This book reflects that philosophy. Not only does it come to you from a team of obstetricians with specialized medical knowledge related to problems of pregnancy, but Mary Murry, C.N.M., is the principal co-editor, lending the wisdom and experience of a scientifically grounded midwife to its pages.

This team has brought its multiple skills to bear to help you have a healthier, happier pregnancy.


Part 1: Pregnancy, childbirth and your newborn

Part 2:  Decision guides for pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood
Part 3: Pregnancy reference guide
Part 4: Complications of pregnancy and childbirth:  Maternal health problems and pregnancy

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