Horror Film and Psychoanalysis : Freud’s Worst Nightmare


Foreword: “What Lies Beneath?” / Robin Wood
Introduction: “Psychoanalysis in/and/of the Horror Film” / Steven Jay Schneider

PART one: the question of horror-pleasure

1 “What’s the Matter with Melanie?”: Reflections on the Merits of Psychoanalytic Approaches to Modern Horror Cinema/ Cosimo Urbano
2 A Fun Night Out: Horror and Other Pleasures of the Cinema/ Michael Ijvine
3 Excerpt from “Why Horror? The Peculiar Pleasures of a Popular Genre,” with a New Afterword by the Author / Andrew Tudor
4 Philosophical Problems Concerning the Concept of Pleasure in Psychoanalytical Theories of (the Horror) Film /Malcolm Turvey

PART two: theorizing the uncanny

5 Explaining the Uncanny in The Double Life of Veronique / Cynthia Freeland
6 Manifestations of the Literary Double in Modern Horror Cinema / Steven Jay Schneider
7 Heimlich Maneuvres: On a Certain Tendency of Horror and Speculative Cinema / Harvey Roy Greenberg 
8 “It was a dark and stormy nightHorror Films and the Problem of Irony / Jonathan L. Crane

PART three: representing psychoanalysis

9 What Does Dr. Judd Want? Transformation, Transference, and Divided Selves in Cat People / William Paul
10 “Ultimate Formlessness”: Cinema, Honor, and the Limits of Meaning / Michael Grant
11 Freud’s Worst Nightmare: Dining with Dr. Hannibal Lecter / Barbara Creed

PART four: new directions

12 Doing Things with Theory: From Freud’s Worst Nighunare to (Disciplinarv) Dreams of Horror’s Cultural Value / Matt Hills
13 The Darker Side of Genius: The (Horror) Auteur Meets Freud’s Theory /Linda Badley
14 Violence and Psychophysiology in Horror Cinema / Stephen Prince

Afterword: Psychoanalysis and the Horror Film / Noel Carroll

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Horror Film and Psychoanalysis :  Freud’s Worst Nightmare by STEVEN JAY  SCHNEIDER  (pdf)