How To Be A Lady Killer by Ann May

Being successful with women has long held a deep mystique for most men. In today’s society men are often unfairly judged on their level of success with women. Why is one man successful while another isn’t? There is almost always no apparent reason why one guy is more successful than another.

It seems reasonable to assume that the successful guy has something that the less successful guy does not. A silver tongue, perhaps? A natural aptitude with which to succeed? Maybe. What he will certainly have is a set of skills and a knowledge base that generates confidence. Confidence breeds success.

The good news for you is that these skills and the necessary knowledge can be acquired. They can be learned by anyone who wants to be a success with women. You can help yourself to success by learning some simple skills of communication, interaction, preparation and presentation.

These coupled with other insights into the expectations of women, the way they think and the way they react to a variety of situations will enable you to confidently approach any woman and win her attention immediately.

That is why you will find this book different from the rest. It is not based on a study of women in a laboratory or analyst’s chair, but largely based on what woman have revealed in a relaxed, female-only environment. They leave their inhibitions at home when they come to see me and w hat leaves their lips is what they really think.

The key advantage of reading this book over many other dating publications is that you will be told how it is in reality and how to put it right. Also, you are getting it from the horse’s mouth, rather than from someone who has a theory, but may know little in practice. I hope you will appreciate the difference.

By reading this book you have decided that you do not wish to continue living the illusion that you know’ all you need to know’ about women. You have woken up to the reality that you need a little help.

Congratulations. You have made a wise decision – one I promise you will not regret. It could be the most important decision you have ever made. You will learn all you need to know about us women, how w;e want to be treated, what you should say, how you should say it, wiien you should say it, what you should not do or say and much more. From initial contact to eternal love, I will help you acquire the skills you need.

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