How To Change Your Life Around In 30 Days

psychology Workbook    ” Good morning. We are extremely pleased that you are here. It is good to come together for the purpose of co-creating, do you agree? You arc knowing what you are wanting? It changes … eternally evolving. You are enjoying the evolution of your desire? You like that feeling of a fresh new awareness, a new desire coming into your consciousness? That feeling of adventure and wonder, delight with a new idea? Yes? Not so much?

If the new idea or desire breathes life into you, then we suspect that you have reconnected with your inner knowing. But if the new desire tortures you a little, antagonizes you, if when you have a desire that isn’t fulfilled you feel uncomfortable in its not-yet manifestation, then you still have not remembered that you are leading-edge creators and that you will never get it done, that there will always be a fresh new desire.

When you realize that you are leading-edge creators and that the new desire that is born within you is literally what summons life to you, then you no longer feel frustration about what is not yet manifested. Instead you feel appreciation for the life-giving desire that still summons through you.

But we understand how when you have not consciously addressed the subject of resistance within your own vibration how new desires could sometimes not feel so good. Because when you really want something and you cannot for the life of you figure out how to bring it about, if you’ve got something that is plaguing you, something that you’d dearly love to get rid of and just can’t seem to rid yourself of, we understand how you might be out of balance with the idea of desire, so much so that you might even begin to condemn it, begin to say that desire is inappropriate — which is odd since the entire Universe is based upon this attraction-based effect where desire is born and it has the summoning capability that literally summon life force forward which keeps us all moving forward.

It is so much more comfortable when you get in synch with the laws of the Universe. It doesn’t work too well when you jump off the cliff determined to defy gravity, and it doesn’t work too well when you go against the stream, or flow, of Source.

That’s what resistance is. Resistance is not going with the flow of your own well-being. Most clear statement we’ve ever made. Resistance is not going with the flow of your own natural wellbeing. Well-being flows, and when you are in alignment with it you feel wonderful. And when you are not in alignment with it, you don’t feel so good. So anger is you not going with the flow of wellbeing. Frustration is you not going with the flow of well-being. Fear is you not going with the flow of well-being.

So you say “How can I stand in this condition, knowing what I know and observing what I observe, and not feel these negative emotions?” And we say you have to practice. You have to decide that *you’re* going to be in charge of how you vibrate, *you’re* going to be in charge of how you feel. You’re not going to be buffeted about like a cork on a raging sea. You’re going to practice your vibration so that *you* can determine how you vibrate, how you flow, how you attract.

Through time, as you’ve been interacting with one another, as you’ve been responding to the circumstances that surround you, you have developed some vibrational patterns. And many of them serve you. Many of your vibrational patterns are vibrational patterns of positive expectation. We look at those of you who are in this environment and we notice how magnificently you expect.

Your standard of living is superb. You expect life to go well, to a certain extent. And what we’re wanting to assist you in doing is expecting it to go well in all regards. We want you to get so good at thinking thoughts deliberately, at setting your own tone, that *you* get to decide what your dominant vibration is about the subjects that are important to you, rather than having let something when you were three set the tone and you just keep doing it or something that mass consciousness is thinking about set the tone. We want you to get so good at choosing what your dominant vibration is that under all conditions you offer it…..”

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How To Change Your Life Around In 30 DaysImplementing Law Of Attraction To Deliberately Create Health, Wealth and Love – Workbook (PDF)